Pyxis Dissolved Oxygen

Pyxis Dissolved Oxygen: the dissolved oxygen measuring range is 0.004-20 mg/l, and with a simple DO membrane cartridge replacement every 2 years. Typical applications include Activated Sludge / Aerated Basin, Wastewater & Sewage Processing, Chemical & Process Water Applications, Domestic Water Applications, Filtration Applications, Aquaculture, and Agriculture.

This Pyxis Dissolved Oxygen ST-772 dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor is based on the principle of fluorescence quenching to determine the dissolved oxygen content in water. It incorporates Pyxis’ advanced technology in the field of fluorescence detection and uses dual light source detection technology with excitation and reference light sources, offering a wide detection range and low detection limit.

The sensor integrates temperature and pressure sensors, which can perform temperature and pressure compensation for the measurement of dissolved oxygen based on ambient environmental conditions present in the application of use. The ST-772 offers both 4-20mA and RS-485 Modbus outputs and is Bluetooth enabled when used in conjunction with the MA-CR Bluetooth Adapter. The ST-772T model is designed to be installed inline and includes the ST-001 tee, while the ST-772 model is for submersion installations.

Nulantic Water is an exclusive representative of Pyxis Dissolved Oxygen and is proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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