Service & Maintenance Provider

Nulantic Water, as a provider, offers service and maintenance for aftermarket support. We are the exclusive supplier for genuine manufacturer authorized replacement parts for systems such Capital Controls™, MicroChem®, SENTINEL®, C3 Series UV, EcoJet™ aerators and mixers and more.


In-Shop Services

Nulantic assesses, rebuilds, repairs, and tests or replaces equipment from their manufacturers for chemical feed systems including liquid metering and gas feeders, and online water quality instrumentation.

Field Services

Nulantic takes care of the installation, start-up and/or commissioning for most disinfection and monitoring equipment that it represents. We also offer aftermarket troubleshooting and maintenance services to make sure systems have the reliability and accuracy that our customers require.


Replacement Media

Nulantic provides gravity and pressure filter replacement media for the removal of inorganic contaminants from water and wastewater applications. For air filtration we offer high-grade engineered adsorbent media to remove corrosive gases, noxious odour, and toxic vapour. Most media are interchangeable providing equal or superior quality than originally supplied by other manufacturers.


Nulantic, as a service and maintenance provider,  can replace exact parts for traveling water screens regardless of the manufacturer of the intake screen, often with superior delivery times and higher quality parts. We also provide direct, bolt-in replacement drives for your old or failed clarifiers.

Ask us how to upgrade your traveling water screen to meet 316(B) standards so it is “fish ready”

Process Optimization

Nulantic offers ancillary equipment that can augment existing treatment to improve water quality or effluent – from floating covers, hybrid aerators, floating wetlands and more!  We also supply analytical instrumentation for process control and optimization for water and wastewater treatment plants. With secure remote access capabilities, operators can manage their system regardless of where they are.