IQ SensorNet Optical UV Absorption Probe

Optical probe for measuring UVT-254, SAC, COD, BOD, TOC, and DOC for IQ SensorNet systems

The YSI UVT-254 sensor is a reagentless, optical-based absorption (SAC) and transmittance (UVT) sensor built into a rugged, corrosion-resistant field probe for the IQ SensorNet system. The probe measures UVT-254 and SAC (spectral absorption coefficient – total and soluble) and can provide correlated values for COD, TOC, BOD and DOC. The probe measures the absorption at two wavelengths: 254 nm and 550 nm to compensate the SAC measurement for interferences from turbidity. The probe’s built-in UltraClean® ultrasonic cleaning technology reduces routine maintenance.


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