DeNora- gas water treatment equipment in Atlantic Canada

DeNora Water Technologies (formerly Severn Trent Services) is a trusted chemical feed brand in the Maritime Provinces for their Capital Controls Series of gas water treatment equipment since their all-vacuum gas feed systems were introduced in 1960. Municipal water treatment facilities across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island continuously choose reliable Capital Controls vacuum gas feed systems using chlorine gas for traditional water treatment and disinfection, sulphur dioxide for dechlorination, and carbon dioxide for pH adjustment. DeNora has a wide range of other disinfection technologies including tablet feeders, on-site sodium hypochlorite generators, chlorine dioxide generators and powerful oxidant ozone generators. With the recent acquisition of UV technologies from Calgon Carbon, they now offer a more complete range of solutions across the disinfection spectrum for both regulated and non-regulated water management. For filtration DeNora also offers a range of effective solutions for the removal of inorganic contaminants with their SORB ™  media for the removal of arsenic, iron, manganese, nitrates and fluoride from water and wastewater. Please contact Nulantic Water for disinfection technologies and filtration solutions to meet your water and wastewater application needs.

Please note: DeNora has recently discontinued UltraDynamics UV units, however parts will continue to be supplied. This may cause little to no notice because of current supply chain delays and/or limited availability of materials for construction.

Nulantic is a proud representative for DeNora in the Maritime Provinces.

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