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Access live IQ SensorNet data 24/7 with IQSN Mobile. This app provides instant sensor network access, data trends, and maintenance reminders from anywhere with internet.

YSI’s New App – Now Available for Ordering!

Access live IQ SensorNet data 24/7 from anywhere with internet access. IQSN Mobile is a mobile application that provides instant access to an IQ SensorNet network of sensors and analyzers from a mobile device. This intuitive app displays live readings, data trends, sensor health notifications, maintenance reminders, and alarms. With IQSN Mobile, view process data from your office, home, or anywhere with internet access.

Developed for municipal water plants, IQSN Mobile helps solve daily challenges with flexible solutions. It revolutionizes how process data is consumed and used. In fact, the key features include sensor health monitoring, proactive maintenance, mobile data management, and remote data visibility.

IQSN Mobile App Features:

  • Sensor Health Monitoring: An intuitive color-coded system keeps you informed about the status of each sensor in your IQ SensorNet network.
  • Proactive Maintenance: User-customizable maintenance reminders help organize and log all maintenance activities.
  • Mobile Data Management: Export measured data, maintenance history, system configuration, and sensor logbooks anywhere, anytime.
  • Remote Data Visibility: Authorized plant staff can access live readings as well as instrument data from anywhere with internet access.

Setup Requirements:

  • IQ SensorNet System: Requires a controller capable of outputting data through an Ethernet IP communication protocol.
  • Xylem Gateway: Transmits IQ SensorNet data to the Xylem Cloud. Available in two configurations: with or without an Ethernet switch.
  • IQSN Mobile App & Data Plan: Includes a 4G LTE cell service plan for each Xylem Gateway with a factory-installed SIM card. Download the IQSN Mobile app and create your account online.

Optimize your plant’s efficiency with IQSN Mobile Application – the ultimate solution for real-time process data management.

Access live IQ SensorNet data 24/7, from anywhere with internet access with YSI’s New App presented by Nulantic Water – we are proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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