IQ SensorNet TriOxmatic Probes

Digital TriOxmatic® electrochemical dissolved oxygen sensors

The electrochemical method of detecting dissolved oxygen utilizes a semi-permeable membrane, an anode and cathode and an electrolytic solution. The electrical current can be measured and correlates to the oxygen concentration. For accurate results, required conditions include; proper calibration, flow past the membrane, clean electrolyte solution and electrodes, and a clean membrane.

With the TriOxmatic sensors, a 3-electrode patented technology is used. The TriOxmatic sensor functions with a potentiostatically driven 3-electrode system. In terms of measuring technology, this means that two silver electrodes and a gold cathode are in use. One silver anode functions as a non-current bearing reference electrode and the other silver anode is the “live” anode. The reference anode leads to improved signal stability and higher measurement accuracy.

The 3-electrode system also allows for monitoring of the electrolyte supply with the system display capable of indicating when the solution needs to be replaced. Seawater design also available.


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