Capital Controls™ T70G4000 Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Because it does not form TTHM or HAA disinfection byproducts (DBP), chlorine dioxide is ideal for pre-oxidation of surface water for drinking water applications. Chlorine dioxide oxidizes iron and manganese, is effective over a wide pH range, and does not react with ammonia. It is used for Legionella control, membrane pre-treatment and biofouling control, algae control, and disinfection/oxidation of ammonia-rich waters such as fish farming.

The Capital Controls® T70 series generators use commercially available 31% hydrochloric acid and 25-31% sodium chlorite to produce chlorine dioxide for water treatment, without requiring chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite (bleach).

The Model T70G4000 chlorine dioxide generator Is an all-liquid system that is designed to produce and consistently maintain a product yield greater than 90%, which makes it ideal for drinking water treatment. It is a two-chemical all-vacuum system, utilizing commercially available concentrations of hydrochloric acid and sodium chlorite in the production of chlorine dioxide. No chlorine gas is required.


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