Gator Rake Bar Screen

Designed to fit into canals or water intake openings, GATOR RAKE bar screens utilize stainless steel and carbon steel for construction. The non-metallic teeth incorporated in GATOR RAKE systems prevent wear on both the rake arm and screen bars to extend the life of key components. In addition, our bolt-on design ensures quick and easy maintenance of the rake teeth.

GATOR RAKE bar screens feature torque tube head shaft assemblies that provide strength and stability to engage the carrier chain with positive locking fabricated sprockets to ensure uniform lifting even under high loading periods. Wiper bars are attached to the carrier chain.

Electric motors and speed reducers are sized for the application and are rated for heavy-duty use and will stand up to any weather conditions.

GATOR RAKE HD (heavy duty) offers heavier gauge steel frames, chains and larger drive motors.

GATOR RAKE bar screens can be designed with conveyors and compactors to efficiently collect and remove debris, and the control package is equipped to meet your installation’s run criteria. Ultrasonic differential level indicators, automatic timers and a local manual override provide you with many options for rake operation, which is important when stations are unmanned.


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