ZICKERT Shark™ Sludge Removal System

The ZICKERT Shark™ Bottom Sludge Scraper has over 3,000 installations all over the world, 90 percent of which are retrofits. It is designed for continuous sludge transport and performs well in all sedimentation processes, including grit chambers.

ZICKERT Shark™ Sludge Removal System: the scraper can be powered by a hydraulic or electric drive. A lever system and a number of wedge-shaped sections function as a moving floor in the tank.

The Shark is based on the forward and return movement of the hydrodynamically designed scraper blades. The concave faces of the blades transport the sediment toward the sludge pit. During the return movement, the wedge-shaped parts of the blades slide under the sludge blanket. The oscillating motion of the scraper blades also thickens the sludge as it’s transported.

ZICKERT Shark™ Surface Scum Skimmer

The ZICKERT Shark Scum Skimmer is designed for the efficient removal of surface scum without the excessive use of transport water. The skimmer blade draws scum from the entire surface of the tank and carries it to a scum pipe or scum beach. It is ideal for use in nearly all wastewater and industrial applications involving surface scum.

The scum skimmer is also versatile enough to adapt to flotation or inclined plate designs. The ZICKERT Shark Scum Skimmer is reliable, easy to install and has few moving parts

ZICKERT Shark™ Cover

The ZICKERT Shark Cover is an efficient way to cover rectangular basins.  Although simple and lightweight, the components are strong enough to meet applicable snow loads. By the way, each section comes with a rope system so that the cover can be easily opened and closed by a single person.

ZICKERT Shark™ Siphon

The ZICKERT Shark Siphon is a straightforward solution for the continuous removal of sludge in rectangular sedimentation basins. Pipes are positioned vertically across the width of the tank and sludge is siphoned up through the pipes to a common trough.

The Siphon is sized for individual applications and to meet customer specifications. The system is cost-effective and requires very little maintenance and servicing. For best performance, you can use the Siphon should with the Sludge Scraper to provide consistent high solids content.

Nulantic Water is an exclusive representative of ZICKERT Shark™ Sludge Removal System and is proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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