The Sentry™ Emergency Gas Dry Scrubbers

Defense against hazardous chlorine leaks at water treatment facilities

With only one moving part, the Sentry™ is safer and more reliable than old fashioned wet scrubber systems, requires less maintenance, is easier to operate, and costs less.
Why the Sentry™?
In case of a leak, the Sentry™ springs into action, capturing escaping chlorine gas before it puts unsuspecting employees and citizens at risk. And unlike outdated wet scrubbers that require constant upkeep and handling of caustic solutions, the Sentry™ is safe, reliable and dependable.
UL’s Highest Rating
Unlike our competitor’s charcoal-based media, the Sentry™ with Safetysorb™ adsorbent media is alumina-based so it is fireproof, earning it Underwriter Laboratory’s coveted ‘Class 1’ rating. Guards Against Leaks: Improves EPA Risk Management Rating In case of a toxic chlorine leak, you can’t afford to be without the protection of a Sentry™ with Safetysorb™. A sudden leak can endanger lives and result in serious legal issues


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