PURE AIR- specializing in the removal of gases, vapors, and odours in the wastewater industry

PureAir specializes in the removal of corrosive gases, toxic vapors, and odours. Specializing in customized, high performance air quality solutions systems they often include make up air, air purification, dehumidification/humidification, heating/cooling, and recirculation air loops. No system is too large or small for PureAir’s capabilities.

PureAir Filtration supplies the highest performance air purification adsorbent media has in the industry. Systems are designed to maximize benefits that include ultra high purification efficiencies, extended media life, precise temperature and humidity control, and ease of installation and maintenance.

Whether you need replacement adsorbent media, have a new air filter application, or need to improve an underperforming unit from another manufacturer, Nulantic can help PureAir Filtration projects in Atlantic Canada.

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