Sluicing Conveyor

The FSM sluicing conveyor (SW launder trough conveyor) allows screenings to convey from a screening unit to the trough of the launder unit. Flushing water is introduced at the end of the trough, which flushes the screenings to the wash compactor. The flushing water can be drawn off by a pump be-hind the screening unit or taken from an industrial water supply network. An arch can be installed to protect downstream machinery from damage. Larger wooden screenings, for ex-ample, are thus retained and can be easily removed.

The FSM launder trough is used for the hygienic, low-wear conveyance of screenings and typically used in meat, fish and poultry processing/slaughterhouses – conveying of waste, or fruit and vegetable processing. Launder troughs pro-vide high performance combined with low operating costs.


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