Lock Link® Catenary-style Multi-Rake Bar Screen

The Lock Link® Catenary-style Multi-Rake Bar Screen is a front cleaning, front return type chain operated bar screen that provides slow, steady, reliable screening. Chain links & cleaning rakes descend on the upstream side of the bar rack. The Lock Link screen has new features designed to maintain the flexibility of this screen while increasing the strength and life of the components.  The Lock Link can handle debris of various types and sizes.

Whether it is being used as a scalping screen in a two-phase debris removal process or as the only headworks screen, the Lock Link® screen provides the downstream protection consistent with multi-rake bar screens plus the flexibility of the catenary bar screen design.

New features of the Lock Link Screen includes the auto reversing chain rake design that incorporates automatic pivoting of the wiper mechanism, an adjustable anchoring system to adapt to irregularities in the channel, and a curved bar rack at the channel bottom to prevent debris accumulation.


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