Atlas-Landy Trash Rake

Landy Trash Rakes: Efficient debris removal with customizable design options. Ideal for canals, reservoirs, dams, and beyond.

Atlas-SSI Landy Trash Rake Systems: Efficient Debris Removal

Proven Efficiency

Efficiently remove large obstacles and debris while safeguarding downstream equipment with Landy Trash Rakes. Boasting one of the industry’s largest installation bases with over 800 sites worldwide, these rakes are renowned for their cleaning efficiency and robust design.

Core Cleaning Efficiency

The Atlas-SSI Landy Trash Rake features a grab style design engineered for maximum efficiency. Additionally, the grab’s tines fall between screen bars, ensuring thorough debris removal during operation. As the grab descends, it removes debris, closes hydraulically, and hoists the debris to a dump area via an overhead monorail track.

Versatile Design

Custom-engineered for each project, Landy Trash Rakes excel in a variety of water filtration applications, including canals, reservoirs, dams, pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, and power plants.

Key Features:

  • Top-to-bottom screen cleaning
  • Direct debris transport to a dumpster
  • No submerged parts simplify maintenance
  • Touch screen manual or fully automated PLC operation modes
  • Suitable for new or retrofit installations
  • Small system footprint


  • 316(b) Compliance
  • Highly certified technician and diving crews available nationwide
  • Shortest delivery times in the industry
  • All screens manufactured at the U.S. fabrication facility
  • EPA fully accepts ATLAS-SSI tech

Tailored Solutions

Available in four models, Landy Trash Rakes offer effective debris removal at various depths:

  • MODEL R66: 33′ to 130′
  • MODEL R71: 33′ to 98′
  • MODEL R03: 25′ to 33′
  • MODEL R74: 25′ to 33′

Efficiency and Reliability

Highly effective at removing large objects, Landy Trash Rakes ensure unparalleled efficiency and reliability in maintaining water filtration systems.

Nulantic Water is an exclusive representative of Atlas-Landy Trash Rakes and is proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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