Grab Bar Deep Channel Trash Removal Screen

The FSM Grab Bar Deep Channel Trash Removal Screen is a coarse screen designed to remove gross debris from deep channels in hard-to-access locations. The equipment consists of a stationary bar screen located at the bottom of the channel to capture debris. A channel recess is not required. The bar screen is attached by rails to the discharge apparatus located above the channel. A special Grab shovel picks up the debris at the bottom of the channel and transports it to discharge.

The shovel has rake teeth and operates in the manner of a reciprocating rake bar screen. The position of the rake is controlled by a rotary selector switch. A pivoting scraper dislodges the debris from the Grab screen above the operating floor at the discharge point. Debris can be deposited into a container, conveyor, washer compactor, etc . The Grab screen is raised and lowered by a stainless-steel cable.

The GRS is a coarse bar screen for the protection of pump stations and fine screens, used for water intake installations as well as wastewater.


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