Vortex Grit Removal System

The SAVI DSP circular grit trap removes sand and grit from wastewater, and is available for tanks up to 24 feet in diameter.  The system consists of a drive unit with central bearing, two steel blades operated by a drive unit and a central air lift pipe. The end of the air lift pipe contains an extractor and operates through compressed air that literally sucks the concentrated grit/water mixture from the bottom of the tank.

As influent tangentially enters the tank, the two blades direct the flow to the sides of the tank. The rotating blades maintain a constant vortex circular flow against the tank sides that allows the grit to slide down the sides of the tank and settle to the bottom. The degritted flow exits the top of the tank and proceeds downstream.

The highest grit capture occurs when the grit removal system is preceded by a high capture fine screen. The less debris in the influent, the more efficiently the system operates.

SAVI grit removal is a vortex system with high  grit  removal  efficiencies, even  with  high  or  variable  flows. This equipment can be retrofit into existing tanks with little or no modifications.


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