Dual Flow Perforated Plate Belt Screen

The FSM Dual Flow Perforated Plate Belt Screen FRS-DF is an Outside in Flow high capture screen is the opposite of a center flow screen design.  Debris is captured on the outside of the continuous, “U” shaped screen belt.  The screen frame is positioned in the channel with the screen surfaces facing the walls of the channel.   Wastewater is diverted toward the sides of the channel and flows through the screen panels.  Debris is captured on the screen panels and the screened wastewater flows toward the inside of the frame and out the back. A spray bar positioned at the apex of the screen belt provides the primary cleaning.  An optional brush is available for heavy debris loading.

Screen panels are available in stainless steel mesh for water intake applications or perforated media.  A special sealing configuration prevents carry over to the downstream side of the channel.


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