RapiSand™ Ballasted Flocculation

The RapiSand™ ballasted flocculation system is a high-rate clarification process using rapid mixing and multi-stage flocculation, followed by sedimentation.

Ballasted Flocculation is a high-rate water clarifying system utilizing both chemical and physical treatments to remove suspended solids and unwanted particles. The process uses the same proven flocculation technique adding a dense ballast to allow for much higher settling rates. Raw water is mixed with a coagulation agent to destabilize and neutralize particles in the water. During the next step of flocculation, sand and polymer are combined with the coagulated flow. The flocculation mixer provides the particles with enough energy to stay suspended and grow in size. In the sedimentation area, developed floc particles (coagulant, polymer, sand and solids) are allowed to settle to the bottom. Clarified water may pass through tube settlers or inclined plate settlers before it is drawn off the top of the sedimentation basin. The settled solids are gathered and pumped from the sedimentation area through a hydrocyclone where the sand is separated for reuse and the solids are processed further.


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