COP™ Spiral Blade Clarifier

Moves sludge inventory from the outer portions of the tank to the center using the Clarifier Optimization Package (COP) for a highly efficient clarifier desgin. The blade design is for the specific process requirements of each plant using proprietary algorithmic computer programs to improve performance

COP™ has taken the efficiency and performance of clarifier operations to next level. COP™is the total integration of nine proven design features and other parameters that together to maximize a clarifier’s performance. WesTech achieves this by customizing all the components of the clarifier to each installation. The COPC1 clarifier uses the following nine design parameters: 1. The clarifiers basin configuration, 2. The center column 3. The WesTech innovative dual gate EDI 4. The flocculating feedwell 5. The density current baffles 6. The spiral rake blades 7. The WesTech sludge ring 8. The skimming system 9. The launder cover or launder cleaning system


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