Non-Membrane Disinfection Sensors

Free chlorine & chlorine dioxide sensors designed for higher pressure and temperature, clean water applications

Cost effective and reliable solutions for disinfection control requirements. Compatible with the W100, W600, W900 and Intuition series controllers. The sensors continuously and directly measure the Chlorine/Bromine or Chlorine Dioxide chemical concentration without the use of reagents.

Sensors continuously and directly measure the chlorine or chlorine dioxide chemical concentration, without the use of reagents.Disinfection of hot potable water systems as currently required by the new ASHRAE standards Up to 70 °C (158 °F). High pressure sample loops where the water cannot be discharged to open atmosphere up to 8 bar (117 psi)

Amperometric sensors perform best in drinking water or any clean water application with near neutral pH. Typically,  it is higher pressure and/or temperature installations. Whether the application is a cooling tower, food and beverage, drinking water, wastewater, or swimming pool, these sensors provide stable, accurate measurements with low maintenance. You can use controllers with amperometric chlorine sensors for reporting chlorine residual measurements in accordance with EPA Method 334.0.

Key Benefits of Non-Membrane Disinfection Sensors:

  •  Low maintenance – no costly reagents or tubing to replace
  •  Broad range of applications – high pressure and temperature ratings*
  •  Fast response – continuous measurement technique
  •  No waste – the sample can return to the process

Nulantic Water is an exclusive representative of Non-Membrane Disinfection Sensors. We are proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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