MultiLab Instrument

MultiLab Instrument is a benchtop multiparameter instrument for measuring DO/BOD, pH, ORP, conductivity, and ion activity. It supports digital IDS sensors and offers easy data management, making it ideal for compliance reporting.

MultiLab Laboratory Instrument is designed for laboratory use, allowing precise measurement of DO/BOD, pH, ORP, and conductivity. It connects with digital IDS sensors for high-accuracy readings. Also, the instrument supports ion selective electrodes (ISEs) for expanded functionality.

Key Features of MultiLab Instrument

  • Measurement Capabilities: The MultiLab accurately measures pH, ORP, conductivity, and DO/BOD. It supports ion selective electrodes, providing flexibility in various laboratory applications.
  • Data Management: The instrument stores 500 data sets in manual mode and up to 10,000 in automatic mode. It features easy USB connectivity for efficient data transfer and management. The included Data Manager software enhances data organization and accessibility.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With a large, easy-to-read graphic display and an antibacterial keypad, the MultiLab ensures a smooth user experience. The built-in GLP compliance and autostable features enhance reliability, making it easy to maintain consistent and accurate measurements.
  • Intelligent Digital Sensors (IDS): IDS sensors store calibration data and unique serial numbers, allowing seamless transfer between instruments. The plug-and-play connectivity simplifies setup and use, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.
  • Wireless Capabilities: The MultiLab supports wireless sensors for pH, DO, conductivity, and ORP, providing greater flexibility in the lab environment. By the way, this wireless functionality reduces clutter and enhances the ease of moving around the laboratory.
  • EPA Approved: The instrument is approved for EPA compliance reporting, making it suitable for both drinking water and wastewater applications. This approval ensures that the MultiLab meets stringent regulatory standards for accurate and reliable measurements.

    Versatility of MultiLab

The MultiLab accommodates a wide range of sensors and accessories, including self-stirring BOD probes and wireless sensors. It offers comprehensive measurement options and robust data management capabilities, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in laboratory settings. The instrument’s versatility makes it an essential tool for various applications, from routine testing to complex analyses.

When purchasing the MultiLab, you receive the instrument, manual, batteries, communications saddle, USB cable, and Data Manager software. You can order cables and probes separately. What is more, the availability of a wide range of accessories further enhances the functionality and adaptability of the MultiLab to meet specific laboratory needs.

Nulantic Water represents YSI’s MultiLab Instrument and is proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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