IX Series

Digitally controlled direct-drive diaphragm pumps

Extremely efficient motor driven pumps with a ±1% full scale accuracy. Standard with several control methods, the IX Series pumps provide a solution to a variety of applications all in one pump. Efficient Brushless DC motors for speed control.

Key Benefits:

1000:1 Turndown Ratio
IX Series pumps use efficient Brushless DC motors for speed control. High resolution motor control adjusts the discharge and suction speeds to meet a full and accurate turndown ratio up to 1000:1 and flowrates from 80 GPH (300 L/H) down to 0.02 GPH (7.5m L/H).

±1% High Accuracy
Combined with precise motor control, an efficient valve design maintains accurate flow rates to allow a low-cost, mechanically-driven diaphragm pump to achieve a repeatability of ±1%.

70% Energy Savings
Helical gears and return spring reduce power consumption by up to 70% compared to conventional mechanical diaphragm metering pumps.

High Compression Pump Head Design
A fixed stroke length and proprietary liquid end design maintains high compression during each stroke, resulting in fast priming and no gas-lock at any flow rate up to full rated pressures.

Nulantic Water is an exclusive representative of IX Series pumps and is proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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