IWAKI- direct-drive diaphragm pumps and mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pumps

Iwaki Air brand of air operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD) is an industry-leader offering industrial and high purity pumps. Iwaki’s innovative pilot valve design and superior non-lubricated air valve technology are key to Iwaki Air diaphragm pump’s renowned reliability. These pumps are designed and built using patented technology, with no mechanical seals or couplings, to provide years of leak-free operation. Iwaki AIR AODD pumps are an ideal choice for the safe transfer of an unlimited variety of fluids across many applications including corrosive chemicals, liquid slurries, abrasive particle slurries, viscous liquids, fuel, oils, glues, inks, and flammable liquids, and many, many more. Nulantic Water can help you select industrial AODD or high purity pumps needed for your application that are built to last.
Nulantic Water is the Iwaki representative for Atlantic Canada.

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