Intuition-6™ Water Treatment Controllers

The Intuition-6™ with amperometric chlorine sensors can be used for reporting chlorine rural measurements  in accordance with EPA Method 334.0 The USB features provide the ability to upgrade the software in the controller to the latest version and the Ethernet option for remote access is available via the Internet, LAN, BACnet or Modbus/TCP.

Enjoy unparalleled versatility and a collection of sensors and powerful built-in algorithms for

control of chemical metering pumps and valves in a broad range of water treatment applications. One or two sensor inputs are available that are compatible with a variety of sensors:

  • Contacting conductivity
  • Electrodeless conductivity
  • pH
  • ORP
  • Any Walchem disinfection sensor
  • Generic sensor (Ion Selective Electrodes or any type of sensor with a linear voltage output between -2 VDC and 2 VDC)

An analog (4-20 mA) sensor input card with two input circuits is also available for use with 2,3 or 4-wire transmitters. Or a sensor card that combines one sensor (contacting conductivity, pH, ORP, disinfection or generic) plus one analog (4-20 mA) input is available. Six Virtual Inputs are configurable in the software, to either allow for calculations based on two real inputs, or to allow to compare values from two sensors to provide redundancy.


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