C3 Series UV Systems

Modular and scalable open channel UV

The unique design of the C3500™D provides an open channel wastewater disinfection solution using fewer lamps and with reduced head loss. This is made possible by the unique design with rack-mounted delta-shaped wings that provide continual rotation and mixing of the effluent for uniform UV dose application from low-pressure, high-output (LPHO) amalgam lamps.
The C3500™D is completely modular and scalable and can be precisely sized to any application requirement. The control system provides automated closed-loop dose or flow pacing for secondary and tertiary wastewater applications. Additionally, the efficient mixing provided by the delta wing has been proven for demanding reuse and low-quality effluent applications.
The system includes self-cleaning lamp racks, power distribution center (PDC), system control center (SCC), level control and all interconnecting cables.


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