Wastemaster Mini Screw Screen

The Wastemaster CT mini screw screen is a pretreatment screen that sits at a 70o angle and consists of a tubular screen directly attached to the transport tube. Contained inside the screen is a shafted screw made of SINT® engineered polymer.  The screen is directly flanged to the influent pipe.  Debris is captured on the inside of the screen and conveyed to discharge by the SINT screw.  Screened wastewater passes from the inside to the outside of the screen basket and on for further processing.

The CT Mini Screw Screen is well suited to small spaces such as wastewater pits in small industrial applications, or similar applications can in hotels, resorts, and car washes. This screen can handle flow to 150 GPM and is available in 2 mm and 5 mm openings.


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