FSM Centre Flow Screen

The Perforated Plate Band Screen with Inside/Out Flow FRS-CF is designed to eliminate debris carry over to the downstream side. Wastewater enters the center of the screen frame and is screened as it flows from the inside to the outside through both sides of the perforated filter panels. Screening and discharge all take place inside the screen frame assembly. The screen panels and side seals are designed to prevent bypass. Independent, verified testing certifies that the FSM Center Flow screen has an 84% capture with 6 mm perforated openings.

This screen was originally used as a water intake screen. The growth of MBR’s and the need for high capture made this the correct screen for these applications. Debris is captured on the inside of the panels are deposited into a trough and discharged into containers, conveyors, flumes or a high-performance FSM washer compactor.


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