Volumetric Feeders VF-100

Volumetric helical screw feeder for dry chemicals

Volumetric dry feeder with better accuracy, higher reliability, longer life, more durable construction – and less maintenance. No lubrication, greasing or oiling is required, no belts, gears, sprockets, or chains. Features and advantages include: Rugged direct drive mechanism for reliable operation Stainless steel construction Wide range of control options like local or remote control, remote 4-20mAdc or digital speed control for flow pacing, scale option for gravimetric control, contact closures Choice of feed screws – 316 SS solid feed screw or open helical. Various sizes Optional mixing tanks for reliable, simplified solution make-up Optional pulsing of vibrating agitation Accessories: adjustable height feeder stand, hopper extensions, hopper lids/screens, shut off gate, dust collector, stainless steel wetting cone, custom controls and complete feed systems


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