The Beast Septage-FOG-Sludge Screening System

The SAVI Beast Septage-FOG-Sludge Screening has a short influent tank allows the debris laden liquid to discharge directly into the rotating drum screen. As the screen rotates, debris is captured on flights that carry the debris around the drum screen and deposit them into the auger trough. From the trough, the debris is conveyed by the auger into the washing/dewatering zones.

Any rocks that can pass through the discharge hose from the truck are easily removed by the screen and auger. Rags and large debris are no problem for the BEAST. The dual drive feature allows the screen and auger to rotate independently and adapt to the debris load. The drum screen is at a 25° angle and rotates slower than the auger for better capture. The auger rotates faster to quickly remove the debris. The screen drive is located at the top of the drum and eliminates support arms at the influent end of the drum. This provides a full, unobstructed path for the flow to enter the drum.

The Beast overcomes two of the biggest complaints for screening septage, FOG or sludge – the inability to process heavy debris and long truck unloading times. Whether it is screening debris from vactor truck loads or removing inorganic material from fats, oils and grease; the BEAST handles them all.


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