Small ClorTec Systems

De Nora’s small ClorTec® 25-100 on-site sodium hypochlorite generators are designed for high efficiency, low lifecycle cost, durability and reliability. Four model sizes generate from 25 – 100 lb/day (11 kg/d – 45 kg/d) with the ability to easily expand capacity 4X in the same enclosure. Using just water, salt and power to generate approximate 0.8% concentration of sodium hypochlorite on site eliminates the storage and handling of hazardous chemicals while providing chlorine residual. ClorTec is NSF/ANSI 61 Certified and has CE Marking.

The ClorTec® electrochlorination design includes a unique cell design and flow control features for simplified maintenance and operation. It also has a modular design and scalability reducing the footprint and space requirements.


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