Screenings Wash Press

The FSM screenings wash press reduces the weight and volume of screenings by separating the organics from the debris.  This heavy duty wash press removes more than 95% of the fecal matter and returns it to the biological process.  The washed debris is dewatered and ready for landfill.  Weight/Volume reduction of 60 – 70% are achieved.

A screenings cutter can be installed at the end of the discharge pipe.  Large logs of dewatered debris are broken into smaller pieces.  The smaller pieces eliminate dead spaces and allows for more uniform loading of a dumpster or bagger.

The Wash Press is available in 3 sizes with screw diameters of 200, 300 and 350 mm.  The addition of a manual or automatic back pressure device can increase dryness and further reduce volume.  A special prewashing option is available by adding a hopper agitator to the inlet hopper.


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