Pro20 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

The YSI Pro20 dissolved oxygen meter is a rugged, user-friendly instrument for dissolved oxygen measurement. The Pro20i  is the dissolved oxygen and temperature handheld instrument with integral (i.e. non-detachable) cable.  The Pro20 series can be used in the lab or the field and can go from one to the other in seconds.

Fast response times with the Polarographic or Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors allow you to complete your sampling routine quickly. The long life of the Polarographic sensor saves time and money and reduces your overall cost. The Galvanic sensor enables you to start sampling immediately without a warm-up period. Either sensor you choose for the field will give you accurate, quality data.

Ruggedness, simplicity, and reliability are the cornerstones of the instrument’s design. Available sensors are EPA approved for wastewater compliance reporting of BOD, CBOD, and DO.


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