Pulsar 3400

Pulsar 3400: Unparalleled Precision in Algae Control. With 4400 frequencies targeting green, blue-green algae, it ensures the highest precision for valuable water resources.

Precision algae control with Pulsar 3400 

Pulsar 3400: Precision in a Compact Package  – for smaller applications, where precision is paramount, meet Pulsar 3400. With 3400 frequencies at your disposal, it targets  algae, biofilm and lower range applications. This compact powerhouse offers the same precision in algae control as its larger counterpart. Ideal for smaller bodies of water and enclosed applications: clarifiers, small lakes and ponds, golf courses. Pulsar 3400 ensures your water remains pristine without compromise!

Engineers invented Pulsar 3400 for versatility. Whether you manage enclosed water bodies, municipal features, or smaller reservoirs, this system with precision algae control with Pulsar 3400 adapts seamlessly to your needs. In addition, its compact design and precise targeting capabilities make it the ideal choice for ensuring algae and biofilm are kept in check.

Key Features of Pulsar 3400:

  • 4400 Frequencies: with  Green Algae Target Range of 80 Meters Radial (10 acres)
  • Blue Green Algae Target Range: 200M Radial (60 acres)

Standard Monitoring/Telemetry including on/off, restart, reboot, sync and measurement of operational performance and water quality metrics at set intervals.

Nulantic Water is an exclusive representative of The Highest Precision Ultrasound Targeting for Algae and Biofilm Remediation and Prevention and is proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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