MultiWash Pro Trough

The MULTIWASH PRO trough is an integral part of the superior cleaning system known as the MULTIWASH backwash process, which simultaneously combines air and water in an efficient backwash.

Revitalize your vertical or horizontal pressure filter. Replacing a backwash system already installed in a tank can be a challenging job. Usually it requires cutting large holes in the existing tank, hiring a welder to fabricate the washtrough inside the tank, repairing the access hole, and then repainting the inside of the tank. All of this is time consuming and comes with some degree of safety risk for those doing the work. The new MULTIWASH PRO trough provides a way of changing to the MULTIWASH system. Because it is made of high density plastic, the equipment is easier to work with, yet reliable for long-term performance. The pieces of the MULTIWASH PRO trough are sized to be passed through a standard 14 in. by 18 in. manway and are then bolted together inside the tank. Full installation requires minimal welding of support brackets and touch-up painting.


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