MultiRake Perforated Plate Screen

Perforated plate screens are a newer generation of headworks screens that have higher capture rates than bar-type screens (up to 85% vs less than 35%). The SAVI®  GVS Multi-Rake Perforated Plate Screen is a high capture stainless steel screen with multiple wipers to remove the debris from the perforated plate and transport the screened material to discharge.

The MultiRake Perf can be mounted in traditional channels at 75 degrees, or at 90 degrees for deep, narrow channels and wet wells.  This screen is available in tank for pumped flows. The low maintenance design makes it an excellent choice for remote locations.

The MultiRake Perf Screens has a lower chain guide with no moving parts, and can have screen openings from 2mm to 6mm. This makes them a good choice for nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, or textile facilities in need of a screen or when discharging to a WWTP.


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