Grit Washer

All grit washers consist of a separation/washing tank and a discharge screw.  The FSM SWA high performance grit separation and washing focusses on  achieving maximum separation of the finest grit particles, operate with the lowest water consumption at the lowest pressure, and the maximum amount of organic material should be removed from the grit.

The organic ladened grit slurry is fed into the wash tank via in inlet flange.  Organic matter is held in suspension and floated off while the grit settles in the tank.  With the addition of wash water, the settled grit is separated from the organic material using a stirring device and up-current washing technique.  The washed grit settles to the bottom of the tank and is discharged via a shafted screw.

The result of the FSM SWA Grit Washer is a clean, dry grit with less than 3% organic material and the elimination of odor and vector attraction.  The dry weight of the grit is typically 85-90%.


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