MagFlux Electromagnetic Flow Meters 

Extremely stable and accurate flow measurements in pressurized closed pipe systems

The MagFlux® 7200 series comes with EN, AS, ANSI, AWWA and KS flanges in ISO standard installation lengths. With electromagnetic flowmeters from MJK, you are guaranteed accurate measurements – regardless of whether it is flow measurement within wastewater, drinking water, aquaculture or industry.

MagFlux Electromagnetic Flow Meters deliver extremely stable and accurate flow measurements in pressurized closed pipe systems, thereby decreasing water waste and eliminating non-revenue water loss.

MagFlux Electromagnetic Flow Meters for pressurized closed pipe systems.

The modular design is versatile. MJK’s sensors and converters cover a broad range of applications and can be combined to meet specific requirements. Our instruments are designed for flexibility and can be used in many types of flow measuring in conductive liquid applications.

MagFlux Flowmeters, Converters and Displays include a technically advanced enclosure made of glass-reinforced polycarbonate, offering maximum protection against harsh industrial environments. The multilingual and user-friendly display panel has multiple mounting options and provides all instructions in clear text – no symbols or codes are used. A single display can operate up to four flow converters and sensors.

MJK MagFlux Sensors are easy to install. They are build according to the ISO-standards for installation build in lengths.

You need a straight inflow pipe which is only 3 x the diameter and a straight outflow pipe which is only twice the diameter of the flow meter. For smaller dimensions, the sensor itself – to a great extent – meets all build in lengths.


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