IQ SensorNet NiCaVis Sensors

Optical probe for measuring COD, BOD, Nitrate, Nitrite, UVT-254, TOC, DOC, SAC-254, and TSS for IQ SensorNet systems

The NiCaVis is a reagentless, optical-based spectrophotometer built into a rugged, corrosion-resistant field probe for the IQ SensorNet system. The NiCaVis can report up to 5 parameters including: Nitrate, Nitrite (optional), COD (total and soluble), BOD, UVT-254, TOC, DOC and SAC (total and soluble). The NiCaVis probe scans 256 wavelengths per measurement to provide the most accurate data with precise compensation for interferences such as turbidity on the UV-VIS probe. The NiCaVis provides continuous data to help with operational improvement decisions. The probe’s built-in UltraClean® ultrasonic cleaning technology reduces routine maintenance requirements.


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