HSC Water Intake Screens

Enhance water withdrawal efficiency with Hendrick Water Intake Screens. Our customizable T-Intakes, Half-Barrel, Drum Screens, and Flat Panels offer 316(b) compliant solutions for smooth flow and reduced debris.

Hendrick HSC Water Intake Screens for Efficient Water Withdrawal
Hendrick produces passive water intake screens, offering a reliable solution for withdrawing water from lakes, rivers, streams, and reservoirs. Our proprietary Profile Bar and Resistance Welded designs ensure smooth water flow, reducing debris and clogging. With 316(b) compliance and NMFS approval, our screens guarantee optimal performance.


  • T-Intakes
  • Half-Barrel Intakes
  • Drum Screens
  • Flat Panels
  • Airburst Cleaning Systems

Flexible Designs for Optimal Performance: Hendrick offers water intake screens with flexible, cost-effective designs. Our flow modifiers maximize flow equalization, minimize heat loss, and reduce costs.

Stainless Steel Drum Screen with Copper-Nickel Material: Prevent biofouling with our stainless steel drum screen, featuring copper-nickel material. Ideal for lakes or reservoirs with non-linear flow patterns.

Trouble-Free Operations with Airburst Cleaning Systems: Assure uninterrupted operations with Hendrick’s customizable Airburst Cleaning systems, featuring automatic or manual controls to meet your needs.

Patented Half-Barrel Intake Screen for Shallow Water Conditions:* Ideal for shallow creeks or rivers, our patented* half-barrel intake screen offers the same flow characteristics as T-Intake screens. The bottom discharge outlet ensures functionality even in low water.

Profile Bar Construction for Flat Panels: Experience maximum open area and consistently accurate openings with our Profile Bar Construction. Select from various bar shapes, sizes, and U-clip heights for robust mechanical construction and long life.

Nulantic Water is an exclusive representative of HSC Water Intake Screens  and is proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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