Baffle Systems

Industrial & Environmental Concepts (IEC) baffles are custom designed to fit your specific application, using wastewater compatible materials for a wide range of municipal and industrial wastes. Baffles offer the following benefits: improved retention time, improved settling time, direct water flow, preventing short-circuiting. better mixing, increased food to mass contact, and improving wastewater treatment.

They are floating cover compatible for IECs aerobic and anaerobic cover systems. The types of baffles are:

  • Wastewater Baffles
  • Water Baffles
  • Floating Baffles
  • Hydraulic Baffles
  • Clearwell Baffle

Baffles prevent short circuiting and effectively direct the flow through your wastewater treatment pond, lagoon or tank, improving retention, settling time and overall wastewater treatment.


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