New Molded Flow Cell for Non-Membrane Disinfection Sensors

We have two versions, one for use in existing metric (8 mm OD tubing) applications and one for US (3/8” OD tubing) applications. Both are rated to 8 bar and 70 C, matching the specifications of the 104033 acrylic flow cell, at a fraction of the cost. Since you can now choose the tubing size that is commonly used in your area, the tubing and tubing fittings for the process connection are not included with the flow cell.

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Walchem’s Stabilized Bromine Sensors offer a cost-effective and reliable solution to your control requirements.

Non-Membrane Disinfection Sensors.

Our sensors: chlorine/bromine, total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

Nulantic Water is an exclusive representative of Non-Membrane Disinfection Sensors. We are proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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