Updates for July & August 2022

July 13


Current treatment technologies and the future for PFAS destruction. Get DeNora’s Guide Treating for PFAS: Current Technology and Upcoming Innovations https://info.denora.com/cec-pfas

Current treatment technologies and the future for PFAS destruction

As the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) works on formal policy to address the recent incineration ban issued by the US Department of Defense, companies are gearing up for the anticipated implementation of regulation of the removal of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from water.

The implications of these decisions can be difficult to navigate, so we produced some new content that we thought you’d be interested in. The article – “Treating for PFAS: Current Technology and Upcoming Innovations” – gives an insight into the primary solutions for PFAS removal and highlights the considerations that impact on technology selection. 

In addition, we discuss the impact of the incineration ban and introduces an innovation that can prolong resin use and reduce the need for media disposal.

To download the article, simply visit our website here.

July 19



W100, P100, W600, and W900 Controllers

Walchem is pleased to announce a new software upgrade for W100, P100, W600, and W900 controllers, available immediately on our website. It is important to upgrade to the most recent version to maximize reliability to take advantage of the latest enhancements! Click here for Upgrades!

For all of these products, the new features include:

·    Increased range of electrodeless conductivity cell constant

·    Fixed issues with some flowmeter rate units and conductivity units when using Spanish and Portuguese languages

Additional features for the W600 and W900 include:

·    Encrypted webpages

·    Added Repair Network File System menu

·    Fixed an issue with BACnet subnet mask when using DHCP

Additional features for the W900 only:

·    Added virtual outputs to Interlock and Activate with screens

·    Fixed an issue where WiFi may not reconnect if the hotspot restarts

July 20


De Nora pioneered the removal of arsenic for drinking water thru our SORB™ systems using Bayoxide® E33* Media.   Now, we have expanded our media offering to include a proprietary, high performance and longer life media – SORB 33® A. 

Why De Nora SORB 33A Arsenic Removal Media?

  • Easily retrofit into existing systems
  • Evade raising cost from other media suppliers
  • Reduce change-outs or system size with high-efficiency media 
  • Rest assured with in-depth knowledge backed by process guarantees

Experience the difference. Download the brochure

De Nora Water Technologies Team

* Bayoxide® E33 is a registered trademark of LANXESS AG


Pure Air Filtration Monthly News Article

A solution for preventing high levels of H2S is critical in avoiding health risks, expensive equipment failure, steep fines, and costly downtime. Learn why wastewater odor ends with PureAir Filtration. Continue Reading.

Aug 2: PureAir Filtration New Product Release Patent Electronic Bed Monitor (EBMv2) Electronic Bed Monitor (EBMv2) – The EBM has been upgraded to the EBMv2. Through continuous monitoring and an electronic notification system, this monitor makes unit maintenance predictable and plannable. The EBMv2 features six externally wired and mounted sensors to detect changes in the life of the adsorbent media. The sensors transmit this information to a control panel that predicts a media consumption date based on a proprietary algorithm, alerting users when media is partially and completely consumed. https://www.pureairfiltration.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/EBMv2-Brochure-New.pdf

EBMv2 Product Spotlight

We are happy to announce the launch of the new and improved Electronic Bed Monitor, the EBMv2!

The EBMv2, now features six externally wired and mounted sensors to detect changes in the life of the adsorbent media. The sensors transmit this information to a control panel that predicts a media consumption date based on a proprietary algorithm.

Find the new EBMv2 brochure here.

Sign up for our August webinar to learn more about this upgraded monitor!

August 9

YSI Educational Webinar: How to Choose the Correct Sensor

You’re invited to an educational webinar!

Join YSI expert Ben Barker on August 30th at 2 PM EDT to learn:

1. The basics of nutrient monitoring in wastewater and the different types of online sensors and analyzers used to monitor and optimize the nutrient removal process. 
2. The differences between measuring technologies for ammonium (ISE vs. wet-chemistry analyzers), nitrate (ISE vs. UV sensors), and phosphorus (orthophosphate vs. total phosphorus).
3. How to select the best nutrient sensor and apply it to the correct application when faced with multiple options.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about nutrient monitoring technologies and earn CEUS.

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August 10


There is a new software update (2.18 )available for YSI’s IQ SensorNet network. 

You will find the update on YSI.com: here


PureAir Filtration Monthly News Article

How an Emergency Gas Scrubber Mitigates the Dangers of Storing Chlorine

Recent disasters remind us of the dangers of storing chlorine and the importance of having chlorine hazard mitigation measures in place, like PureAir’s Emergency Gas Scrubber, a turn-key solution that prevents toxic gas leaks.

Continue Reading https://www.pureairfiltration.com/storing-chlorine-dangers-reduced/