Vertical Pressure Filter

Vertical pressure filters consist of a pressure vessel with an overdrain system for distribution of influent water and collection of backwash waste.

Vertical Pressure Filters are an effective, inexpensive, and low-maintenance method of reducing many raw water constituents including, but not limited to, iron, manganese, turbidity, color, arsenic (as co-precipitant). Water is introduced to the top side of the vessel where it passes through a bed of filter media to remove unwanted particulate. The water then passes an underdrain plate with distribution nozzles for effluent discharge. Once the media fouls to a predetermined set-point, a backwash cycle is required to dislodge residual particulate for waste discharge. Manganese ANTHRA/SAND™ media, when used in these filters, provides enhanced manganese removal at a cost lower than manganese greensand


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