Trench Safety Stairs

Trench safety is an important factor, and IEC has created a design that can help increase safety and security of workers in the trenches. Trench safety stairs provide an emergency exit if there are impending signs of a collapse, safe ingress and egress to/from a trench with an easy to see and use device, do not to seep into the wet soil as long as they are installed properly, they also feature anti-slip covers to ensure workers get a good foothold as they go about entering or exiting the trench.

Other design considerations: trench stairs are made to withstand any weather condition or climate and are adaptable to customize it to fit any slope or length, easy to install, and competitively priced.

Probably the biggest reason why trench stairs are important in excavation projects is their ability to give workers a chance to exit the trench section quickly and safely. IEC Covers trench safety stairs can act as an emergency exit if there are impending signs of a collapse


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