Manure Pond & Lagoon Covers

Gas collection cover, non-gas tight cover or gas holder, custom solutions for your pond, lagoon or tank are available

Floating Manure Pond Covers The patented design in the gas collection cover includes a series of lateral floats that provide pathways for gas to flow beneath the floating cover, to the perimeter collection pipe, and on to a single collection point. Traditional floating covers that inflate expose the geomembrane cover to vibration and fatigue from wind, which significantly reduce the life span of the cover. Floating covers use lateral floats instead, which keeps the entire cover floating on the waters’ surface, eliminating cover inflation and exposure to wind damage. Additionally, ballast weights placed on top of the floating cover channel rainwater and snow melt to sumps, which remove all rainwater from the surface of the floating cover. Modular Floating Covers For manure ponds, manure tanks and manure lagoons is comprised of a series of individual casings, which are connected together to form a complete, floating cover system. Each individual casing consists of a panel of closed cell insulation encapsulated between 2 sheets of durable geomembrane. The result is a unique floating cover system that provides insulation values ranging from R-2 to R-30; and is engineered and manufactured to specific dimensions/basin requirements


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