IQ SensorNet ViSolid® Suspended Solids Probe

Suspended Solids probe for IQ SensorNet systems

The ViSolid is a reflectance-based TSS (total suspended solids) probe for the IQ SensorNet process monitoring system.

The ViSolid comes with 2 factory calibrations for greatest versatility. Calibration matrix type 1 is designed for monitoring MLSS (mixed liquor suspended solids), return activated sludge (RAS), and waste activated sludge (WAS). Calibration matrix type 2 is used for monitoring primary sludge and thickened sludge. Two types of user calibrations (correction factor and value pair) are available for fine-tuning the factory calibration or monitoring TSS in other applications.

Smooth, durable sapphire measuring windows and continuous ultrasonic cleaning provide reliable and trouble-free service. The ViSolid is a good choice for process control of activated sludge wasting with an immersion mount for MLSS monitoring and an insertion mount to monitor RAS/WAS.


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