Blue Frog™ Circulator

A natural solution to enhance anaerobic sludge digestion, eliminating the use of chemicals.

BlueFrog™ is an innovative, affordable, sustainable solution with a base circulator that is a hybrid mixer and passive aerator. It is designed to meet wastewater treatment lagoon discharge standards at a significantly lower investment cost. The revolutionary technology provides a natural solution that enhances anaerobic sludge digestion, improving the function of existing lagoon systems. By shifting the focus from aerobic to anaerobic lagoon treatment strategies, lagoon owners are effectively released from the high cost associated with mechanical dredging and sludge accumulation.
Yellow Frog™: aerator used in dirty conditions where oxygen is consumed rapidly by aerobes. It was developed to increase the oxygen transfer rate (OTR) to allow nitrification/denitrification. Gold Frog™: used for dense sludge, high levels of BOD and clarification. Its specialized impingement aeration system aeration system has the unique ability to lower the specific gravity of the surface water, sinking solids four times faster. CSTR™: Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor is a floating boom that helps select for sludge-digesting bacteria in a specific diameter. Used in lagoon influent or downstream to work in the clarification process.


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