Agricultural Gas Collection

Biogas manure handling systems are custom designed for anaerobic tank and pond

Biogas collection cover system is designed with a gas-tight perimeter, whereas gases are continuously removed and channeled to perimeter piping where it exits the basin to be flared or used as fuel.  Designed to minimize inflation and ballooning of the geomembrane to reduce potential vibration and fatigue from wind, which significantly reduces the life span of a cover. Floating gas collection covers use lateral floats, which keeps the entire cover floating on the waters’ surface, eliminating cover inflation and exposure to wind damage. Advantages of a gas collection lagoon cover: Provide the owner with an effective and low maintenance solution to covering their manure ponds. Effectively collect bio-gases that can be flared or used to generate electricity. Proven effective for low rate anaerobic digesters. Produce fertilizer in a form that is readily assimilated by crops


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