Meet Sargassum; an invasive algae

Meet “Sargassum” – a genus of large brown seaweed (a type of algae) that floats in island-like masses and never attaches to the seafloor. Because of this, it causes havoc on water intake structures.

The impacts of climate change have caused variations in sea level, salinity, water temperature, chemical composition, rainfall patterns and water acidity – all play roles in regulating how this algae grows.

Sargassum also brings ecological problems that hurt the tourism economy as it’s hard to swim in when it washes up on beaches. In the open ocean, massive groups of it keep sunlight from reaching coral reefs, and as it decays, the seaweed releases compounds that harm marine life.

This floating algae can wreak havoc on water intake structures if not prepared. Nulantic is an exclusive representative for Atlas-SSI, who can help industrial facilities understand algae blooms and how they can affect screens.

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