Updates for June 2022

June 15

Pure Air Filtration

Why Choose Engineered Adsorbents over Carbon, PP Blend vs Coconut Carbon in Paper Mills.

Steve Krpata, Industrial Sales Manager at Pure Air, talks about preventing media bed fires by switching from Coconut Shell Carbon to PP Blend adsorbent media. Click the video to view.

June 15

YSI/OI Analytical’s Live Event 

Get Your Lab Ready for HABs

Three Water Quality Chemistry Methods For Harmful Algal Blooms

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are one of the greatest threats to water quality globally.  Today’s reservoir managers and watershed managers are often equipped to identify blue-green algae by microscopy, test for cyanotoxins like microcystin and cylindrospermopsin, and monitor surface water quality using tools like water quality sondes.

But some analyses require the personnel and infrastructure found in environmental testing labs, which are increasingly called upon to provide testing support.

In the webinar, we described how to prepare your environmental testing laboratory for the three most relevant water quality analyses to understand the drivers and impacts of HABs. 

  • Total phosphorus by USEPA Method 365.4
  • Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN) by USEPA Method 351.2
  • Geosmin and MIB Determination, guided by USEPA Method 524.3 for volatile organics

These methods leverage Flow Injection Analysis (FIA), segmented flow analysis (SFA), and GC/MS facilitated by Purge & Trap concentration of samples. In each case, we talked about:

  • The fundamental basis for each method
  • The importance of proper sample collection, preservation and transport
  • QA/QC considerations when performing the method with environmental samples.

June 14

Grand Award Winner of the 33rd Annual Manufacturer of the Year Award

Centrisys/CNP was recognized for excellence in manufacturing and innovation during the 33rd Annual Manufacturer of the Year Award event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Centrisys/CNP team has won the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award! The company was named the Grand Award winner of the 33rd Annual Manufacturer of the Year Award in the small category (1-99 Wisconsin employees). There were a total of seven winners for various categories out of the 26 nominees from across the state. Nominees were asked to demonstrate how their commitment to business excellence and manufacturing innovation makes a positive impact in Wisconsin.

Additional evaluation included analysis of financial growth or consistency, technological advances, product development, environmental solutions and sustainability, operational excellence and continuous improvement, commitment to employees, and effective research and development. Award winners were selected by an independent panel of judges.

June 8

Atlantic Canada Water Guidelines and Wastewater Guidelines

Atlantic Canada Water & Wastewater Association (ACWWA) announced the release of the Atlantic Canada Water Guidelines and Wastewater Guidelines. These documents replace the 2004 Atlantic Canada Guidelines for the Supply, Treatment, Storage, Distribution, and Operation of Drinking Water Supply Systems and the 2006 Atlantic Canada Wastewater Guidelines Manual for the Collection, Treatment, and Disposal.
With support from Natural Resources Canada’s (NRCan) Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) program, the four provinces in our region (NB, NS, PE and NL) and CBCL, the Guidelines have been updated to incorporate Climate Change.
More information on the project will be described in a presentation at the fall conference in Saint John, NB.
The guidelines are available on the ACWWA website, click here.

June 3


Prevent Corrosion and Rust on Your Decanter Centrifuge with Inspections for Humidity, Moisture and Condensation.

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